Using Music And Live Concerts To Battle Stress

It is no secret that most of us live very hectic lives. As a result, we usually have to fight with increased levels of stress and anxiety. But, we also tend to look for various means of battling that stress and improving the quality of our lives. One of those means is, of course, music. Now, what is so special about music that gets us going?

Melodic creatures

Well, numerous studies have shown that, simply put, music can help us relieve anxiety and stress. It gives us that feeling of security and satisfaction. But, the real question is – why does this happen? The answer is rather simple. We, humans, are melodic creatures by nature. Even while we are in the wombs of our mothers, we encounter music, or, more specifically, rhythm.


A baby has its first music encounter by listening to its mother’s pulsating blood and beating heart. This is exactly when music and rhythm become our intrinsic quality. Now, when we listen to music, it revives our earliest experiences, thus providing us with the sense of safety, comfort, and security. This is perhaps why we find music so engaging.

Music as a stress reliever

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that science has shown that there is a strong connection between music and our reduced stress levels. It tells us that music can be used as an emotional vent, which can take all our attention and make us fully focus on it. This way, we can get fully absorbed in the music experience and simply forget about our current worries. We can basically enter a whole new world and leave all the negative thoughts and stress behind us.

Making music

When we talk about the music’s stress relieving qualities, we are not talking about listening to music only. It also involves playing an instrument, creating rhythms and beats, making certain melodies, or simply singing our feelings out loud. Creating and writing our own songs can also be highly therapeutic, as it requires from us to put our emotions and feelings onto a piece of paper.

In a sense, it is fairly similar to writing a journey. However, it is far better, as we can make beautiful sounds in addition. Another way of enjoying music involves discussing the lyrics of our favorite performers and pondering over their meanings. This can serve as a means of meditation, with which we can soothe our nerves and make us feel more serene.

Music concerts as a stress therapy

hjdjhd874Last, but not least, we should also mention the effects of live concerts on our stress levels. As most music fans know, relieving stress by going to music concerts is one of the most effective methods available. For many people, live concerts are the places where, for a couple of hours, they can escape the life’s pressures and just allow themselves to enjoy with their friends and loved ones. This is not surprising since attending a concert is usually closely associated with aural pleasures, joy, and celebration. This is exactly what the fans felt when presidents of the united states tour was announced.

By conducting tests on concert attendees, numerous studies have shown that the saliva content of an average concert goer contains much fewer stress-related chemicals than the saliva of a person who doesn’t attend concerts. Therefore, we now have scientific proof that live concerts can help us battle stress, by allowing us to enjoy music but on a whole new level.